Monday, June 23, 2008

June 17, 2008 Letter from MTC

[Editor's note: Elder Rowley wrote this before learning of his reassignment to Salt Lake City. He was permitted to phone us immediately with news of his reassignment, which is why we were able to announce it in a previous post.]

We are allowed ½ an hour of email time on preparation days, but there are only 6 computers for about 30 missionaries, and I didn’t have time this week or last to use a computer.

Tomorrow [Wednesday, June 18] is the big day—the day when all the mission presidents come in, so our expected “special speakers” should be coming soon. Last week, ironically, it was Elder [Mervyn B.] Arnold [of the Seventy], who was in our ward [in Redlands] last Sunday. They asked me to pray at the fireside this Sunday, so I’ll be sitting on the stand with whoever the speaker is. The firesides and devotionals here are incredible. 15 minutes before each one, the missionaries all sing the prelude hymns (and 2,000 missionaries singing the hymns of Zion is not something I can describe in words.) After the devotionals, we have a district devotional review, where we review our notes and impressions from the devotional, and helps me to better appreciate and understand the lessons taught.

Today when we went to the temple, my companions wanted to do sealings. I had wanted to save that experience until I was being sealed to my wife, but I’m glad I went today. I was able to be a witness and a son at different times. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

My companionship study could use some help. We’re not really sure how to do it and we usually just practice teaching our lessons which is good. But we could do better. This week we are going to a workshop on it though.

Even though I’m currently staying at the MTC indefinitely, I’m not disappointed. The longer I tarry, the more perfected I will be in my ministry (D&C 88:84.) There is a lot to be learned and a lot of good experiences to be had here.

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