Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009 -- Families and Cockroaches (Two Very Different Things)

It was great to talk to family yesterday! Everyone is growing up -- I can't believe it.

Here in Mexico, every once in a while, people shout out to me in English. “Whats up?” or “Whats your name?” or “What time is it” or “How are you doing?” Many missionaries just ignore it and keep walking, but I like to take the risk that they may just want to joke around and talk to them when they talk to me. I've found some great investigators that way.

This last week, for example, my companion and I were walking along and a man called out to me in English. I immediately headed towards him and started to talk to him in English. I soon realized that he didn't really know how to speak English, but he told us in Spanish that he had worked for a while in the US, building churches. Speaking of churches was a perfect way to talk to him about the gospel, which we did, and then we set up an appointment.

A few days later, I woke up one morning feeling great, as usual. As I was studying, I felt that we were going to have a good day. In fact, I felt that we were going to find a family. I told my companion how I felt and I prayed, asking the Lord to help us make it come true. That day we had our return appointment with Ricardo, the man who talked to me in English. As we approached the house, we saw Ricardo out front with a lot of kids. They were the family we were looking for. Ricardo and his wife Erica have five children: Wendy (10), Ricardo (10), Jonatan (8), Kayla (6), and Eric (4). I love teaching children, and I love teaching families.

To change the subject, now that it is getting hot here in Mexico, the cockroaches are coming out. There are lots of cockroach stories to tell. Every morning without fail we find two or three in the house. The other night I saw one on the wall and shouted “a cockroach, bring the Raid.” Then another one appeared (“now there are two!”) Then three, then four, until there were ten cockroaches on the wall.

A different day I was eating my breakfast when I felt something on my leg. I looked down and there was a cockroach sitting on my lap.

Sorry my letter is a little short today. I love you all.

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