Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday, July 27, 2009 -- The Lord Is Preparing People

Cultural Moment: here in Reynosa we are really close to the states. So there are a lot of Englishisms, such as "troka" for truck, "puchar" for push, and "parkear" for park, all words that really don't exist in Spanish. When I first arrived in this area, my companion and I spent hours looking for a reference that we never found, in a street named "Mi Ranchito," which seemed to not exist. So we decided to return the reference.

This last week, a member called us and told us that he wanted to introduce us to a friend of his. He brought us to her somewhat hidden house, but she wasn’t there. But when we asked him about her, he said that her name was Lupita EspaƱa, and we discovered that the street was "Mi Ranchito." It was the same reference from a few weeks earlier.

It is amazing how the Lord helps us find the people he wants us to teach. Lupita is one of the most prepared people I have met to accept the gospel, and her story is an incredible one. In fact, she and her family had recently watched The Other Side of Heaven and she said, ¨I want my son to be a missionary like Kolipoki."

My time is short today. . . . Keep praying, keep reading the Book of Mormon, and keep looking for ways to share the gospel.

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