Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010 -- Preparation Day

[Editors' note: This is the second of two posts for March 5, 2010. The first appears immediately above.]

Today President Mendoza gave us permision to have an excursion. . . .

We had to drive about 1.5 hours to arrive to the mountains where our final destination was.

As we got closer, we enjoyed the view even more. We drove there in missionary attire, then changed into normal clothes in the car. I no longer have normal clothes, so I wore my exercise pants and a soccer jersey I bought here.

The place where we were going was called Grutas de Garcia or, being translated, Garcia's Caves.

From left to right: Elder Lopez (records secretary), Elder Castillo (financial secretary), Elder Christosomo (my companion), Elder Dudley (assistant, but not currently my companion), Elder Larsen (executive secretary), and me.

To get to the caves, we had to go up in a ski-lift sort of thing.

It was fun with four of us in the car.

The view from the top was also amazing.

In the caves, there were many beautiful things to see. We moved in and around and over and under the formations.

It was truly incredible! According to the guide, it took 50 million years to form it (wow!).

Several of the formations had man-given names for their shapes, such as . . .

the gorilla (el gorila),

hell (el infierno) (made more scary by the red-lighting),

the donkey's head (la cabeza del burro),

and the dead man's hand (la mano del muerto).

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