Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30, 2010 -- Pictures

Here are several pictures. I worry that sending pictures of my preparation day activities may give you a lop-sided view of my missionary work. The reason why I have so many pictures of preparation day is because it is the only day that we are allowed to bring our camera with us (with the exception of baptisms).

The first picture is of the seven office Elders of last transfer with a boa constrictor that we found under my bed. (Just kidding, it was in a pet shop.) Three of those seven Elders are no longer in the offices.

The next shows us in front of Cola de Caballo (Horse Tail Falls), a local waterfall. It was beautiful.

Then comes a picture of the office Elders and Sister Mendoza the night of President's birthday. (The waiters and chef).

Then comes a picture of me showing Elder Larsen La Cola del Caballo.
The next features four of us taking phone calls far from the party the night of President's birthday. Even on Presdedent's birthday the needs of the mission don't stop. I am the farthest to the right.

The next shows the Mariachi band that played for President's birthday.

The last picture shows the surprise we made him here in the offices, complete with cake and balloons. We made party hats from the cones we have to drink water (my hat is on the desk in front of me.) You can also see a glimpse of the white board, which is full of names of missionaries (we were in the middle of the transfer process.)

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