Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008 -- The Best of Weeks, the Worst of Weeks

This is the second time I am typing this. My computer died right after I finished the first time, so I don't have as much time to write as usual this week.

Unfortunately, there was some kind of problem with the mail, and I didn't get a single letter this week (yes, that hurt).

This week was a microcosm (or however you spell it), of the common saying that a mission is the best two years and also the hardest two years of your life. I won't bore you with a long description of the bad. Suffice it to say that an angry landlady, companionship drama, lots of rejection, and no mail are not very fun. I will, however, tell you why this week was so good for me.

The best part about this last week was that I was able to attend two baptisms. I am very blesssed to be in a mission and area where their is so much work and where I have such good companions. The first baptism was of a young girl named Jenny from my last area. I was able to get permission to go back and see her baptism. It was wonderful. Not only was her baptism a spiritual expereince, but I loved seeing the streets I used to walk down, the members I used to work with, my old companions, and most especially the people I taught. It felt kind of like going home.

The second baptism was last Sunday here in this area. It was of a woman named Angelica Montague. She is from Colombia, and is the one we fasted for to get to church (she actually lost her job because of it, but has been blessed with a new job where she doesn't have to work Sundays.) Her baptism was a miracle and was a wonderful experience. I found it interesting that she was late to her baptism because she stopped to buy pizza for everyone (yes, we did teach the Sabbath Day). We plan to teach her more about the Sabbath this week, but I think that her actions show her kind heart and her excitement about her baptism. It also got me thinking. Baptism is also known as being born again. When we are born physically, we are not born knowing and understanding everything, but just the opposite. Such is baptism. It is the begining of our spiritual life, a life of growth, experience, learning, and maturation.

This week despite our many rejections we were given 15 new investigators from the Lord, many in miraculous circumstances (such as a referral for a family of 5, or tracting into a family of 6.) New investigators means new people to teach about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am so excited!

This week was also wonderful because we were able to go to the temple (we can go every week as long as we have transportation.) I love going to the temple, every time I learn so much and feel so renewed. I often end up writing poems or new verses to hymns after I go.

The latest on the visa is . . . nothing. People who came into the MTC three weeks after me are starting to leave, though, so I imagine my time will be soon. It comes when it comes. I love it here, and I'm excited for Mexico, so I'm content to wait.

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The Carroll's said...

IT seems like you were suppose to SL for a time. Your VISA will come when the Lord needs you in Mexico!

Keep up the good work Elder Rowley!