Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009 -- The Most Important Transfer of His Mission

Funny that you should ask about my Sunday. When I arrived, I noticed that in addition to the bishopric, there was the entire stake presidency and another important-looking man whom I did not recognize. I later found out that he was an Area Seventy, Elder Julio Gonzalez.

Our ward is huge and there have been lots of rumors lately that it is going to be divided, so when I saw all the visitors I thought that was what was going to happen. As usual, there wasn’t anyone to play the piano. There are other piano players in the ward, but they all arrive late. I had asked the bishop to assign one of them to play every Sunday, so that I could sit with my investigators, which he agreed to do.

But yesterday the piano player didn’t arrive on time. The bishop asked me to play. I agreed, but told him he had to change the second hymn, as I didn’t know how to play it. He told me not to worry, the normal piano player would be there in time to play it -- I only had to play the opening.

But the piano player never came, and the bishop announced the sacrament hymn. So I had to sight read in front of the stake presidency and a member of the Seventy.
It turns out that they still haven’t divided the ward. I’m not sure why they came, but we had a powerful priesthood meeting with Elder Gonzalez.

This week we also had the opportunity as a mission to hear from Elder Octaviano Tenorio of the First Quorum of the Seventy. It was incredible. The most important things I learned where the importance of vision, and the three keys to success--diligence, concentration, and joy.

I’m sure you are all anxiously awaiting to find out the results of the transfers. I am staying in Juarez for at least 6 more weeks. Elder Zamudio has been trasnfered. I have been assigned to be a tutor, which means my companion is a brand new missionary. His name is Elder Dominguez and he is from the Federal District. I don’t really know much else about him. I met him today, but he isn’t with me until tomorrow.

The assignment to be a tutor is a greatly important one. I see the effects of the teachings and examples of my tutors, Elder Zobell and Elder Gonzalez, every day of my mission. President doesn’t like us to use the words "father" and "son" to refer to new missionaries and their tutors, so I won’t do it. But I see a great similarity between being a father and being a tutor. Each is both hugely important and will effect his son/new missionary for all his life/mission.

I am glad to have another transfer here. When it ends, I’ll have been here for six months. I feel as if the Montoya Family was a if not the major reason why I was called to this mission.

I was going to send you several pictures today, but I forgot the cable for my camera, so it will have to wait for next week.

Elder Valenzuela is surprised, happy, and grateful for all the mail he has been receiving. Thank you.

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