Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009 -- How to Quit Smoking in Three Days

To answer questions about Elder Valenzuela, he was transferred, and I’m not sure where he is currently serving. The last time I saw him, however, he was well and happy and very grateful for all the mail.

This last week we had entrevistas (interviews) with President Mendoza. As always, it was a very uplifting experience. In my interview, he told me three very interesting and exciting things.
  1. Soon every missionary in the mission will have the opportunity to go to the temple once a transfer. (I can’t wait!)
  2. He is talking with the stake president about forming a branch in the ranchito where the Montoyas live.
  3. It is possible that this next transfer he will make our area smaller and add another companionship to our ward (that would make three in one ward.)
After the interviews, it is customary for Sister Mendoza to accompany us to our houses to make sure that everything is in order. As we were walking with her to the van, she asked me if I knew how to drive. Excitedly, I said yes. She then asked if I had my license. I had to admit that I didn’t carry it with me. "That’s a shame," she said, "you could have driven." (Owch, that hurt. Nine months without driving and I lost my chance.) But she gave me the hope that the next time there are interviews I will get a second chance. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost my licence. I don’t suppose there is anyway that the DMV can send me a new one without me going personally, is there?

As you know, last week was the baptism of Rhode Maria Montoya Perez. Like I told you, she had to wait a while because of her struggles to stop smoking. She has a brother named Alfredo who also has smoked for most of his life. We tried a different approach with him. Last Sunday, we taught him the Word of Wisdom, and we challenged him to stop smoking immediately, once and for all, instead of leaving it little by little. We knelt with him and his recent convert brother, Eddi, and asked for the blessings of the Lord in his efforts to stop smoking. In just three days, he stopped smoking completely. It was a miracle from the Lord, because of Alfredo’s desires and faith.

Two weeks ago, a generation of great missionaries here in the Monterrey East mission finished their two years and returned home. Two of them are close to you, Elder Lowe in San Bernardino, and Elder Munton in Yucaipa. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give him my ripped pants to send home, but I did tell him to tell you that I love you if he ever sees you.

This evening my companion and I are going to a Family Home Evening with Hermano Zavala, one of the best member missionaries I have met. He has invited his entire neighborhood to come over. It should be great.

Thanks for your prayers, your support, and your inspiring letters.

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