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Monday, March 30, 2009 -- Nothing So Broke He Can´t Fix It

This past Saturday our ward had an activity at the same time that I was teaching English classes. Their activity was celebrating the pioneers (it was a special feeling to see my recent converts dressed up as pioneers). For part of the activity they had a dance in which they only played country music, which I could hear as I was teaching the class. I was tempted to start to sing along, or even dance, but I resisted.

* * *

As missionaries, we help people in all types of situations. This week we have been working with a family destroyed because of alchoholism. Truly the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity are two keys to happy, strong families. What starts as a little justification leads to complete destruction. Thankfully, what was destroyed by alchohol (or drugs or pornography, or whatever it may be), can be fully healed through the infinitely powerful Atonement of Jesus Christ. How sad it is when people have the opportunity to accept that healing and don´t accept it. But how joyful it is to help people come unto Christ and be healed.

This week Doña Carmen talked to me and my companion about her son Alfredo, who was baptized last week and is a great example of the change that the Atonement brings. She told us that she spent years sleeplessly worrying about her drug-addict son. She constantly, fervently prayed that God would make a miracle in his life. She told us that now she understood why God waited so long to do so. “He was waiting for us to be in the true church,” she said through her tears. I too cried as she shared her testimony and gratitude with us. Alfredo is a changed man. And I am grateful to have been able to see that change.

Wow, time flies. It is hard to believe it is time again already, but this weekend is General Conference! I´m excited. How incredible it is to hear from prophets and apostles of God every six months! This Saturday I am not going to get any proselyting done, but it is going to be a wonderful day. After studying, we go to conference, then we go to eat, then we go to conference, then we are going to have 3 baptisms, then we go to conference, then we come home. I know that I will get answers and encouragement that I have been needing. And I pray that the investigators and converts who will be coming for the first time will also receive personal revelation as well as strengthened testimonies of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday two more recently returned missioaries spoke in Sacrament Meeting. Our ward now has four that have arrived within the past month. One of them was just called to be the new Ward Mission Leader, and the other three have all offered their help. I´m excited. There are great things to come here in the Lord´s vineyard in Juarez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

I love you all and look forward to feeling united with you as together we hear the voices of our modern prophets at General Conference.

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