Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009 -- [Untitled]

Transfers were today. And my companion and I are staying together. But our area is changing. They are taking away half of it and making it into a new area, which also means that we will be four missionaries living in the house again.

Although it hurts to lose my investigators, converts, and member friends from half my area, I'm excited because it means that we are going to be able to focus better. The Montoya Ranchito is in the other area, but we've been given special permission to still be the missionaries who teach them and their neighbors for at least this transfer.

When this transfer ends, I'll have spent 7.5 months here in Juarez, which probably means this will be my last transfer to be assigned here. Some other missionaries have asked if I´m sick of my area, but I am definitely not. I love it more every day, and am not looking forward to the day that I am transferred.

Unfortunately, Elder Dudley, my BYU friend, was transferred and is no longer in my zone. I'm going to miss him.

Speaking of Elder Dudley, he told me the other day that at BYU I didn't have wrinkles on my forehead, but now I do. It appears that the mission is making an old man out of a 20-year-old. Good thing it isn't giving me arthritis, because I really wouldn't like it if I couldn't walk all day to visit people. Hopefully my wrinkles will go away soon. I need to stress less.

* * *
Here in Mexico everyone was on vacation this week. (This past week was "Holy Week" for the Catholics, which means for about 80% of the people here.) This means that lots of people weren't home. But it also means that the people who were home were unusually receptive to conversations about Jesus Christ. My companion and I had some great lessons this week.

My letter is a little shorter this week because I am short on time . . . .

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