Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009 -- The "Perla" of Great Price

[Picture: "Six Missionaries at at Table." Elder Rowley is second from right. -- eds.]

Creo que voy a empezar a escribirles en español, porque es más fácil para mí. Hablo, leo, pienso, y sueño en español. Solamente les escribo a Uds. y en mi diario en ingles. Espero que entiendan. Estoy excelentemente bien, y como siempre encantado con la vida misional, aunque ya no hablo ingles.

[Translation: "I think I'll start to write in Spanish, because it is easier for me. I speak, I read, I think, and I sleep in Spanish. I only write to you and in my journal in English. I hope you understand. I am exceedingly well and, as always, happy with missionary life, although I do not speak English any more" -- eds.]

Just kidding! I still remember how to speak English, I think.

This has been a great week. Why? Because we had a baptism! My companion and I have been working harder than ever, but have had faced a lot of opposition the last few months. But the Lord blessed us with a pearl. In fact, that's her name, Perla ("pearl" in Spanish.)

We found Perla in an interesting way. One day we were contacting a street. We passed a house with three Holy Death statues in front, but we remembered that we should knock on every door. A 19 year-old young man answered. I thought it would be a waste of time, but my faith-filled companion began to teach him. He accepted a return appointment.

We really have never taught him again since that first day, but looking for him we met his sister Perla. Both Perla and her mom accepted baptismal dates in the first lesson. Her Mom hasn't been baptized because she works on Sundays and has trouble coming to church, but she will soon follow her daughter's example, as will Perla's brothers.

Mom asked about the zone activity last Monday. It was simple. We went to play sports for a few hours and then ate
carne asada. (I think a good carne asada or pollo asado is one of the foods I will most miss when I get home.) It was a fun activity. I played ultimate Frisbee and basketball. It felt great to run and jump. I love exercise a lot more than I used to. It was great to see the missionaries enjoying time together.

I love missionary life. The habits I am developing here in the mission field are habits I hope to put in practice all of my life. Not just reading the scriptures and living the gospel, but also daily exercise, hard work, setting goals, and serving my companion. I
learn much more every day than I teach people.

I'm sorry my letters haven't been so long lately. I have more to write to President Mendoza as a zone leader. But I always love and pray for you, all day, every day.

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