Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009 -- Little Time but Lots of Love

I feel really bad that my letter is so short today. Today we had a zone activity (it went wonderfully well), but it went a little longer than planned, and has cut out some of my preparation day time. I have to finish writing before 6:00 to be obedient, even if it doesn't give me a full hour.

This week I received new shirts, shoes, and scriptures (the new Spanish Bible). I also received a renewed testimony and desire to work thanks to inspired letters from loved ones and inspired messages from servants of God. (The 17.5 shirts fit perfectly.)

Thank you to those who have sent me letters recently, including my parents, my sisters, Uncle Mike, Andrea, and ex-Elder Zobell. I want to respond, but I just don't have time right now.

I loved General Conference. I did my best to make it available in English (we have one missionary in our zone who has only a week in Mexico and still speaks nothing of Spanish.) But some of the sessions we wern't able to receive in English for technical difficulties. For me, that's not a problem. I understand Spanish better than English these days, but I do feel bad for Elder Selfridge. I loved both talks from President Monson, the talks of Elder Christofferson, Elder Holland, Elder Ballard, and many more. Once again I heard just what I needed to hear.

This past week we had a planned a lesson with a member family present, but at the last moment they canceled on us. Our investigator was going to leave work early to be with the members, so we did everything we could to find a different family, but no one was available. Finally, we remembered a new family who moved into our ward a week ago. We called and asked them to accompany us. The lesson ended up being with the new sister (a returned missionary) and her less-active sister. They both shared their testimonies, and her less active sister began to cry, as she re-found her testimony. I think she was blessed more than the investigator, although she also had a great experience.

I was going to send you pictures this week, but I don't have time. Please remember that even when I don't have time to write, I always have time to pray. You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. When the going gets tough, thoughts of my family get me going.

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