Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009 -- My New Assignment

[Editors' note: This is the second of two posts published today.]

Once again I am full of feelings of inadequacy. Once again I have received a new assignment.

Today we had a special conference with President Mendoza. As usual, it was a great spiritual experience. Afterward, President was talking with his assistants and he called me over to talk with the three of them. He told me that I need to be in the [mission] office tomorrow at 11:00 to help make the transfers. He told me that I am his new assistant.

It is difficult to describe how I feel. Part of me is excited--excited for the new opportunities I will have to serve and work with President Mendoza and all the missionaries in the mission. But I also feel nervous. I don't feel like I have the qualities to be an assistant.

President Mendoza told me I was chosen in the same way that the Apostles chose Matthias in Acts 1. In other words, by revelation. That gives me comfort, as does one of my favorite quotes from President Eyring, "God helps the faithful priesthood leader."

When I was in the MTC, I set a motto for my mission. (I now have three others.) My first motto was, "One hundred percent, every day." That will keep being my motto in this new assignment--one hundred percent obedience, diligence, and dependence on the Lord.

Elder Uchtdorf gave a wonderful devotional address last night. I loved what he said about Hamlet, that the question isn't "To be or not to be," but "What do have to do and be to live up to my potential?" . . .

This last week we had lots of meetings. On Wednesday, we had a council of leaders. Then on Friday we had an all-day council with the zone, teaching them what we had learned on Wednesday (the first time that we've done something like that in the zone). I love the things I learn here in the mission, and all the spiritual experiences I have, both in the field and in zone meetings and conferences.

One of the thigns we discussed was a talk that Elder Holland gave in the MTC entitled, "The Divine Companionship." I could talk for hours about the things I learned, but I don't have hours to write. There were two things that called my attendion more than anything.

  1. I need to be the most divine companion I can to my companions in the mission and someday to my future wife.
  2. If the Holy Ghost is not my senior companion, I need to change so that he can be.

Elder Hernandez and I had a great experience this last week following the advice of Elder Holland and relying on the Spirit. We were teaching Claudia, the mother of Perla, our most recent convert. We taught the plan of salvation, as we felt inspired to do. She began to ask questions of the soul ("Where is my mom right now?") We answered with scriptures and testimony. The member, Perla, bore her testimony. The Holy Ghost bore testimony. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted. This Sunday she will be baptized, and soon after will go to the temple to be baptized for her mother.

Today, as you know, is the Day of the Dead. The cemeteries here are busier and more crowded than Disneyland. I like to take the time to reflect about those who went before me, those who gave me the great legacy I have. In fact, President Mendoza has asked that those of us with pioneer ancestors send him information about them, their stories and their sacrifices. . . .

P.S. As an assistant, my preparation days will now be Fridays.

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