Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009 -- Weekly letter, second try

Tomorrow we will be going to the border so we are taking our preparation day today.

* * *

So a funny thing happened just now . . .

I was writing you a really long letter and just when I was finishing, the computer shut down. My letter was lost.

In my letter I talked about Ranulfo Villegas, an investigator who came to church with us on Sunday. It was the first time that I have had an investigator come to church in a suit. He is also one of the most intelligent investigators I have had, and he was amazed by the gospel principles class about the plan of salvation. Ranulfo is a lawyer and a very smart and educated person, but not so much that he doesn’t want to hearken to the counsel of God. The only problem with teaching him is that he is a busy lawyer and we are busy assistants and it is hard to find him.

Speaking of being an assistant, Dad asked if being an assistant lasts for the rest of my mission. My first day in the offices, President Mendoza told me that I would be here for the rest of my mission. Since I plan to extend, that means that I will welcome the new mission president next June.

In my letter I also mentioned that this week the zone conferences start and that President Mendoza has decided to have us come with him this time to check the area books and to train about inviting people to be baptized. It is an interesting experience teaching the same thing and watching President Mendoza teach the same principles to different zones every day. I learn a lot. It is also great to see each zone leader teach his assigned topics in his own style. Tomorrow we are heading for the border to make a tour of the border zones.

Dad mentioned Elder Brizzee. I recognized him the moment I saw his picture on President Mendoza’s transfer board. I saw him last Tuesday in a zone conference, and he is doing well. He didn’t recognize me, but I told him that I was from Redlands and that I had seen him in various activities when Yucaipa was part of our stake. His first companion was Elder Chuc, one of the best companions I've had.

In the offices I've learned that one of the best ways to communicate with a missionary is through We get a package of "dear elder" letters and packages every week. So if anyone has been waiting to write me because they wanted a cheap easy way, is the solution.

* * *
Smile of the week: Here in the offices we often have to talk in English to Salt Lake or to parents of missionaries. But we have lost our fluency in that language. One missionary forgot how to say "zip code" and said "post code." The man with which he was talking said, “Pal, you've been in Mexico too long.”

For me, there is no such thing as too long in the work of the Lord.

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