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Friday, February 12, 2010 -- RE: Happy Birthday

[This is the first of the two posts received on February 12. This one was received after the one posted above. -- Eds.]

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes! It is hard to belive that I am 21 years old.

Thanks for letting me know that you didn't get my letter last week [on February 5]. I
don't know what happened. Yes, I was really busy, but I did write you a letter and I don't know why it didn't arrive. This [comes from] the letter I wrote last week:

This has been the most intense week of my mission. I have literally been busy every waking minute.

Monday [February 1] was transfer day, and included picking up 14 Mexican missionaries in the airport, coordinating the transfer devotional, beginning the new missionary seminar, and picking up the only new American missionary, who arrived at 10:00 PM instead of 4:00 PM.

Tuesday [February 2] we went to the temple with the new missionaries and their companions, and then were in training with them all day long. As soon as they left, the zone leaders arrived for Wednesday´s zone leader conference.

Between all that, we have made some changes in the way of doing things in the mission, changes that will bring us lots of success, and my companions and I have been very busy preparing for those changes.

Even my preparation day time is cut short today [February 5]. And when my time is
short, my letters are too.

I am doing very well. As you know, part of my motto is giving 100% of my effort 100% of the time, and this week I have truly achieved that. It is a good feeling.

Things in our area are going well as well. We have several families who we are teaching, as I talked about last week.

Last night, Elder Crisostomo and I went to an appointment (Elder Dudley [the third companion] was with a missionary who is in the offices because he is sick.) The appointment was with Carolina, a 24-year-old single mother of two children.

When we arrived, she answered and began to say that she was busy and didn’t have time for us, but I felt the need to enter her house, so I asked if we could just enter and sing a himn and say a prayer and leave. She somewhat grudgily allowed us to enter.

As we sang “Lead Kindly Light,” the atmosphere changed, and Carolina´s mother, Irma, also a single mom, came close. After the hymn, we explained how to pray, and knelt down and said a prayer. As we finished, Irma had a tear in her eyes and mother and daughter embraced each other. We left quickly, but before leaving, they excitedly accepted a return appointment.

Good news! I received a letter from Johana, one of my converts from Juarez this week! She and her husband are doing well. Johana is expecting a fourth child, due in August. (I am going to write them and invite them to make it their goal that their new addition be born into the covenant.) She also told me that her uncle-in-law, Eddy, also my convert, was recently called to be the ward mission leader!

Please congratulate [my friend who just received a mission call]. The other missionaries in the offices asked me what was wrong because I yelled out loud (“yes!”) when I read your email. I am very happy for [my friend], and am sure that she will be a great missionary.

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